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    5 Ways to Get Email Overload Under Control
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    Apple seeks patent for Smart Cover with embedded secondary display
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    Your Time vs. Your Money: Finding the Sweet Spot When Booking a Vacation
    Conventional wisdom says booking a vacation yourself will save you a lot of money—but conventional wisdom isn't always right. New (and old) methods of booking travel can save money in ways that weren't…


    Lauren Conrad @LaurenConrad 01 Aug
    Few things make me as happy as a really good parking spot.
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    iamdiddy @iamdiddy 01 Aug
    You only live once! Stop wasting time! Do it!!!!!! NOW! Do it NOW!!!
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    martha lane fox @Marthalanefox 01 Aug
    "Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half." Gore Vidal
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    Brandon @BarebakAssassin 01 Aug
    Before you judge somebody because of their beliefs, you need to sit the fuck back and ask yourself what gives you that sense of entitlement.
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    @ohveeoh_xo 02 Aug
    The one and only that sings like our legend MJ is @PleasureEllis love your music.
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