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    5 Companies Changing the Way We Shop
    Consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping online. Below are five companies making big changes in the shopping scene:

    Samsung Galaxy Stellar rumored to hit Verizon for $100, hopes to lure you in with Amazon apps
    Regardless of the situation, it's relatively safe to say Samsung will never, ever run out of Galaxy monikers. Now it's the Korean outfit's

    Cheap Media Centers, Smarter Notifications, and a Less-Annoying YouTube
    This week on the podcast we're talking about building an amazing but cheap media center, upgrading your phone's notification system, and making YouTube less annoying.

    Facebook Will Hit One Billion Users Any Day Now
    Here's why Facebook should not make a big deal out of the news.

    Organ Trail, Pinball Pro, and More
    Just in time for the weekend, here's another round of the week's best Android apps. If you can handle the awesomeness, we're giving you a zombie/Oregon Trail hybrid, an old pinball game, and much more.


    Barack Obama @BarackObama 24 Aug
    Today marks four years since I chose @JoeBiden to be my running mate. Here's to an outstanding Vice President and a great friend. –bo
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    ZodiacFact @ZodiacFacts 23 Aug
    #Scorpios are the type of people you either hate or love when you first meet them.
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    NY Scanner @NYScanner 24 Aug
    U/D Manhattan: 5 Ave & East 34 St/Empire State Bldg Report that Perp was fired from his job came back and started shooting 10 Victims 2 DOA.
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    Andy Borowitz @BorowitzReport 23 Aug
    I fear that Paul Ryan's extremist views about rape & abortion will distract us from his extremist views about Social Security & Medicare.
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    Shoq Value @Shoq 24 Aug
    You Want Lies With That? #RNCconventionSlogans #p2 #gop (added S to the tag)
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