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    Silversun Pickups to Romney Campaign: Stop Using Our Song
    The Silversun Pickups are unhappy that the Romney 2012 campaign has started using one of its songs at campaign stops.

    Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q
    The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q might have missed the August 15th date mentioned in its leaked press shot, but a rumored name

    Here's Why Apple Is Suddenly Laying Off Employees From Its Retail Stores
    Apple's new retail chief thinks the stores are "too bloated."

    5 Creative Ways to Find Inspiration through Online Education
    Consider these five online educational resources to encourage creativity and inspire new ideas.

    Give Your Old, Slow, Overheating Laptop New Life and an Extreme Makeover
    No matter how fast and shiny your laptop was when you got it, time takes its toll, and your laptop's now dirtier, hotter, slower, and less effective than is was on day one.


    Beyoncé Knowles @Beyonce 15 Aug
    Hello, its Beyonce'. World Humanitarian day is 4 days away! August 19th. What will your act of kindness be? #IWASHERE #WHD2012
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    Rafael Correa @MashiRafael 16 Aug
    En estos momentos, desde Cancillería, Ricardo anunciará decisión oficial del Ecuador sobre caso Assange. Nadie nos va a atemorizar!
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    Funny Tweets @ComedyTruth 16 Aug
    DEFINITION OF "EX": Thanks for the EXperience. Our time has EXpired. Now EXit my life.
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    ZodiacFact @ZodiacFacts 16 Aug
    A #Scorpio would never lie to you or feed your ego.
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    jimmy fallon @jimmyfallon 16 Aug
    The Silversun Pickups asked Romney to stop using their song "Panic Switch." Or as he put it, "Guess I'm back to Call Me Maybe!" #fallonmono
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