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    Aziz Ansari @azizansari 22 Nov
    Oh damn. We at it again. Turkey Torissi style. #CookSoHardMothaFuckasWannaDineWithMe #ThatShitTasty #ThatShitTas
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    Elizabeth Tsurkov @Elizrael 21 Nov
    The agreement comes down to this: Israel will stop attempting to weaken Hamas' rule, Hamas will stop attacking Israel.
    Retweeted by Andy Carvin, jash and 22 others
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    Daniel Nisman @DannyNis 21 Nov
    BREAKING: #Egypt to announce a ceasefire tonight- will enter into effect at 12 or tm morning. Israeli source confirms efforts underway.
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    Guggenheim Museum @Guggenheim 21 Nov
    The Guggenheim proudly joined Anish Kapoor to create Gangnam for Freedom in support of @aiww. Video:
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    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 21 Nov
    Pres. Obama's steady support of @Israel throughout this crisis helped stop the war. He did a good job.
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