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    Moms Go to Facebook for 'Me Time'
    A new survey shows many busy moms spend their personal time on Facebook. The survey asked 1,000 mothers a few questions and found nearly 99 percent of them had Facebook accounts and used them for up to…

    5 Killer SEO Insights from Analyzing a Billion Dollars in AdWords Spend
    After analyzing a billion dollars of annualized AdWords spend, Larry Kim shares his top five SEO insights and strategies gained from pouring over all that paid search data, and outlines how you can use…

    Hey Google, Your Nexus 7 Marketing Images Look Like Crap
    TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

    4 Steps to Creating Buzz on a Shoestring Budget
    When marketing a startup, a leaner more directed approach is often best. Here's a four-step process.

    Apple files anti-theft patent that uses accelerometers to detect theft-like movement
    What kind of movement does a theft entail? Apple's in the process of figuring that out, today filing a patent application for a,


    MLB @MLB 31 Oct
    The @SFGiants see your key to the city and raise you a golden broom. #SFGParade
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    Joe Biden @JoeBiden 31 Oct
    RT if you agree with VP Biden:
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    Tony Bennett @itstonybennett 01 Nov
    What a thrill to sing for the World Champion San Francisco Giants! @SFGiants
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    Erin Andrews @ErinAndrews 31 Oct
    No need for a romo bomb here RT @MLBONFOX: Weather in San Francisco: 100% chance of Championship rein.
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    Andrew Kaczynski @BuzzFeedAndrew 01 Nov
    Oh wow, this dog's costume.
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