Twitterfeed grows up: publishes in real-time, and to Facebook!

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    We've Grown Up...

    Dear publishers,

    Twitterfeed's been busy; find out what we've been doing:

    Faster more reliable publishing for everyone,Pubsubhubbub real-time publishing for enabled sites,Publish to Facebook!,Google Analytics Integration

    Twitterfeed has grown pretty fast since its early side project days. There are now 350,000 publishers from the White House to CNN to John Cleese pumping out almost 600,000 feeds and generating around 5,500,000 clicks to your sites every day.

    Faster, more reliable publishing

    Dealing with such a flood of traffic on a service meant that Twitterfeed has had reliability issues; at times the system would simply get overwhelmed. Over the last few months we've been building a completely new architecture designed to handle the millions of posts we publish to Twitter and beyond each day.

    We're starting to roll out this new architecture today and this means that Twitterfeed should be able to publish feeds much faster than before. It will take a few days for us to move all the feeds over safely, but the result will be your posts reaching your audience when you want them to.

    Pubsubhubbub real-time feed publishing

    Twitterfeed now works with Pubsubhubbub. This means that sites enabled with Pubsubhubbub, like Typepad and Blogger sites, will be able to see their posts published in real time! We'll shortly be announcing support for RSScloud too, so that wordpress sites can also be published in real time. You can find out more about pubsubhubbub here.

    Publish to Facebook!

    You can now automatically publish to Facebook from Twitterfeed. What's more, you'll see statistics for each post showing you just how many people clicked on posts from Facebook vs those from Twitter. You'll be able to better understand just where your social media strategy is working.

    Google Analytics Integration

    Twitterfeed now adds special 'UTM' tags to each post that it publishes. Google Analytics can read these tags and integrate the information into its reporting. You'll be able to understand how people clicking on your posts from Facebook differ from those clicking from Twitter and track the complete path of their visit to your site.

    We hope you like the improvements and new features; you should log in and see how Twitterfeed can help your content spread across the social web!

    Very best,

    Mario, Tony and the Twitterfeed team

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