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    How Tweet It Is To Stay In Touch With You

    Hi wydadino,

    A little bird told us that Diggers are finding lots of ways to stay in touch. Like Twitter, for example. With over 1 million followers, our most popular feed (Digg 2000) tweets stories when they have received 2000 Diggs. Or if you prefer, just follow the topics that interest you most, from Technology to Entertainment to Gaming. And you can always keep up with what's going on here at the company by following our main Digg account as well...there's something for every Digger.

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    Best of Digg
    Pics—and it DID Happen!

    What with Meetups, Diggnation, Digg Dialoggs, et. al., the stories can get pretty wild. Good thing there's visual evidence on Flickr.

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    One more thing—keep on keeping up! It's thanks to you that every video, image or story on the web has a shot at being the next big thing.

    See you around the interwebs,
    The Digg Crew
    Friendly Fix

    Think of Digg as the loving, giving friend that keeps you up to date on the coolest stuff on the web (and doesn't annoy you with endless quiz results).

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    Three of 'em. Digg Corporate Blog shares official news and research. Digg Tech Blog takes a peek under the hood for developers, partners and tech geeks. And Digg Community Blog features miscellaneous musings from within our walls.

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