[61816709] Booking cancellation - Mahmoud , Nov 24, 06:25 (GMT+0300) SAU

    Dear Mahmoud,

    Your Careem booking has been cancelled.

    Booking ID: 61816709

    Passenger information
    Name: Mahmoud
    Mobile: 13016122676

    Trip information
    Car type: GO
    Pickup time: Thu, Nov 24, 06:25 (GMT+0300) SAU
    Pickup location: الهنيدي - الرياض
    Dropoff location: I will guide the captain

    Captain assigned
    Name: Hafez Alrashfak
    Phone: 966597747783
    Car: Toyota Camry, White, 8090GSJ

    Booked by: Mahmoud
    Cancelled by: Mahmoud

    We hope to see you again.


    Careem Team
    And You're There
    920001846 |

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