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    Panasonic\'s Any Battery Light isn\'t picky about battery size, takes anything in your junk drawer
    Battery nerds rejoice: Panasonic has cobbled together an electronic torch that will play nice with almost anything in your collection. The Any Battery

    UK consumers may soon be able to leave their mobile contract if operators hike prices
    In a move to better protect UK consumers, UK communications regulator Ofcom is considering modifying its general conditions to allow mobile customers exit their monthly contracts mid-term ...

    Car Rental Company Avis To Buy Zipcar For $500 Million
    Car rental company Avis has announced its intent to scoop up carsharing company Zipcar for $500 million, with the acquisition expected to close in the Spring of 2013 according to a press release…

    Score Your Next Job With LinkedIn Premium
    Kick your career into high gear and score your dream job. LinkedIn can help.

    writer: Great Women
    I'm a Vietnam Vet. I write about men and women doing the right thing. Bert Carson I'm a Vietnam Vet. I write about men and women who do the right thing. My books aren't cliff hangers in the conventional sense of the…


    BO†DF // Δ @botdfmusic 02 Jan
    I am very excited/happy to get back in the studio next week and work on the new songs. Expect a new single before valentines day. <3
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    Nebreska Sierra @Nebre_Sierra 03 Jan
    @MASCOTASDECALLE lo encontre cerca de plaza Vzla. Ayudenme a encontrar a su dueño porfa! Esta nervioso
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    Chris Chambers @JuiceChambo 03 Jan
    Joe Cole in some West Ham clobber... (via Daily Mail) #LFC
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    Brianna Frost @briannafrost 03 Jan
    #NoThongThursday meets #TittyTuesday
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    Linsey Hayes @LinseyHayes2 03 Jan
    @empireofthekop #bigfootballtag needs #lfc fans 2 help @JonjoHeuerman 10 yrs old £1m 92 clubs involved watch+RT… …"
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