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    Less Than 30 Percent of Companies Have Social Media-Focused Employees, Survey Says
    Less than one-third of companies have employees dedicated solely to tasks involving social media, according to a recent survey.

    Snapseed launches on Android with Google+ integration, now completely free
    While this shouldn\'t come as a huge surprise, today Google put to rest any lingering doubts about keeping Snapseed alive and well. After acquiring Nik

    Can I Leave My Gadgets In a Cold or Hot Car?
    Dear Lifehacker, I almost always have my laptop, iPod, and smartphone with me, but don't always want to lug them around. Is it okay to leave them in my car if it's particularly cold outside?

    Vegas VIP- Deals, Hotels, Shows, Clubs, Parties, Limos and More
    Your Sin City experience won't be complete without an unforgettable pool party full of bikini-clad babes, renowned resident DJs, and of course, an amazing pool deck that will shine with drunken glory. Want to know all…

    Snapseed for Android: Powerful Photo Editing Even for Amateurs
    Considering your smartphone shutter is likely pretty decent at this point, you probably tend to do at least a little basic photo editing. If you're an Android user you now have one more great option…


    RainnWilson @rainnwilson 06 Dec
    Someone's applying at Dunder Mifflin!!!
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    Andy Borowitz @BorowitzReport 06 Dec
    Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I wish mental health care were as easy to get as, say, a gun.
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    Working Trucker @workingtrucker 06 Dec
    Another top lie debunked
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    Andrew Kaczynski @BuzzFeedAndrew 06 Dec
    Interesting, per Bloomberg: "70% of counties w/the fastest growth in food-stamp aid during last 4 years voted for the GOP candidate in 08."
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    Barack Obama @BarackObama 06 Dec
    One of our favorite 2012 photos: The First Lady gets a lift at the Olympics.
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