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    Waiting in Line Hurts Your Wallet, But Boosts Your Ego
    Retail experts find that waiting in line for sales and product releases is a boost to the ego but usually a major hit to the wallet.

    Why Doesn't My New Hard Drive Show the Right Amount of Space?
    Dear Lifehacker, I just bought a new 1TB external drive, but my computer is only showing that it has 902GB on it! What's the deal? Am I getting scammed out of 100GB?

    The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Photograph
    The 10 most beautiful places (travel destinations) to photograph that will fulfill your wanderlust.

    South Korea delays ban on iPads and iPhones until Apple can appeal
    Apple and Samsung have been recreating the Cold War through their own mutually assured destruction policy, and nowhere is that more apparent than

    The Galaxy S III Mini Is Official, and Officially Boring
    We got really excited yesterday when we heard there would be a miniaturized Galaxy S III coming. Our excitement didn't last long, because a second rumor hinted that the specs wouldn't be anywhere close…


    San Francisco Giants @SFGiants 11 Oct
    Trending RT @Topsy: Buster Posey's grand slam gets over 4K tweets in under 2 minutes! #sfgiants #OrangeOCTOBER
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    Jeff Gauvin @JeffersonObama 11 Oct
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    sunshineejc @sunshineejc 11 Oct
    DEAR AMERICA: The Republican Party that nearly wrecked your nation would like a second chance to finish the job. -@Shoq
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    Top Conservative Cat @TeaPartyCat 11 Oct
    Paul Ryan: "I hope the debate tomorrow night is about policy. That's what we should be debating, not facts or math."
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    Shyrondia @ShyrondiaBG 11 Oct
    CNN report: the GOP voted to cut funds that protected American embassy & consultants against Hilary advice now they blame Pres Obama (WOW)
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