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    Zuckerberg's Biggest Mistake? 'Betting on HTML5'
    In his first public interview since Facebook's IPO, CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that making big bets on HTML5 for its mobile apps was a "big mistake." Facebook was one of the first major companie

    BitGym Motion SDK brings Kinect-style games to Android and iOS, no huge living room required (video)
    If there's a common barrier to playing with a Kinect controller, it's free space. The sheer amount of necessary distance between sensor and

    5 Fascinating Social Media Predictions for 2013
    Here are 5 fascinating Social Media predictions for the upcoming year 2013... from junior Nostradamus!

    Hang Your Headphones Anywhere with Two Binder Clips
    If you need a better way to store your headphones without them cluttering up your desk, reader Bruno Tagliani shares his solution: a tiny contraption built with nothing but two cheap binder clips.

    Social Media is So Much More Than Likes and Followers
    Do you ever feel that social media could be doing more for your small business if you could just figure it out? Do you keep an eye on your competitors' social media profiles and fear that they know…


    Jim Gaffigan @JimGaffigan 12 Sep
    I hope the new iPhone comes with phone reception.
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    T. D. Jakes @BishopJakes 13 Sep
    God will teach you and fill you with His wisdom, He'll expose you to your purpose in life and your opportunities will be endless!
    Retweeted by LiQuiche young and 1381 others
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    ZodiacFact @ZodiacFacts 13 Sep
    #Scorpios have to learn that getting revenge does not lesson their own pain,but can only make things worse.
    Retweeted by Marcos Garcia and 485 others
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    Blake Shelton @blakeshelton 12 Sep
    @TheRealXtina do you love me?
    Retweeted by KINSEY SCHOFIELD and 201 others
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    Yumi Ang @OfficiallyYumi 13 Sep
    #BelieveItOrNot Everyone has a dark side. The most nicest person can be a killer. The most beautiful person can be your worst nightmare.
    Retweeted by Marcos Garcia and 116 others
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