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    Kesha ;) @KeshaRockx 12 Jul Attn: Every BODY! This challenge is customized for YOU. Save money, time, & reshape your body! Up for The Challenge?
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    Alan Garner @WolfpackAlan 11 Jul
    Roses are red. My name is not Dave. This poem makes no sense. Microwave.
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    Crazy Girlfriend @TheClingyGF 12 Jul
    Asks you which of her friends you think is hottest. Ends friendship.
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    death_stairs @death_stairs 11 Jul
    'Balancing Things On My Sleeping Girlfriend's Head' - Part 5. I don't think I'll top this.
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    Angelina Fan Club @AngelinaRockx 11 Jul
    Geoff Frink
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    Hashable Is Shutting Down and Two Other Stories You Need to Know
    Hashable Is Shutting Down, IDC and Gartner Say the PC Market Was Flat in Q2 2012

    Yahoo Confirms, Apologizes For The Email Hack, Says Still Fixing. Plus, Check If You Were Impacted (Non-Yahoo Accounts Apply)
    There are still a lot of questions about this alleged Yahoo Voices data breach -- including whether there was a reason behind the breach in the first place -- but Yahoo has now officially confirmed…

    RetransTwitter: This Web app lets you auto-retweet your favorite Twitter accounts
    It may not be the catchiest of names for a social media service, but this little nugget hit our radar today and deserves a mention. RetransTwitter is a free-to-use service that automatically ...

    Why Apps Are On iPhone First And Android Second
    Despite its dominance in market share, Android is still the second option for big companies developing applications, says Ryan Matzner. Matzner is the director of Fueled, an app design and development…

    Build the Perfect Utensil Drawer Organizer with Paint Sticks
    The next time you drop by your local hardware store, ask for a few extra paint stirrer sticks. With just a few of them, you can arrange your utensil drawer into segments so everything fits nicely…
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