FreeHostia hardware failure

    Dear FreeHostia Customer,

    We are writing in relation to the access and modification problems you have been experiencing lately with your website and email services. These problems stemmed from an accidental hardware failure during a planned storage server upgrade executed over the weekend.

    You receive this email, because your account was affected by this hardware failure. Our aim is to explain what we are doing to resolve this problem and to let you know what you should expect within the next few days while we are coming up with a solution.

    We have determined that the best way to proceed is to move all the affected accounts to a new file storage server within our web hosting cluster. This way, we can minimize downtime and ensure that no data is lost due to further problems with the current server. We have started the procedure and many of the affected hosting accounts have been moved already.

    While the transfer procedure is still in progress, you may experience service interruptions including but not limited to:
    - inability to edit files;
    - inability to receive or send emails;
    Once your account has been moved to the new server, all the problems described above will be resolved.

    The estimated time that is needed to get all the affected accounts transferred is 5-7 days. We transfer one account at a time to ensure data integrity. At this point, the transfer process is almost fully automated and we cannot make any modifications to the transfer queue. Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact time frame for each individual user, but we assure you that it would be no more than 7 days before your account is fully transferred, back to its normal operational mode.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Robinson
    Manager, Customer Care Dept.

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